Why I Am So In Love With The “New Year, New Me” Revamp


If you are an active social media participant, then you are no stranger to reading about the positive changes your peers vow to make as the new year approaches. This often includes changes in attitude, finances, direction, and even social circles. Everyone is looking for that shift in focus.

Unfortunately, what I have also taken notice to in recent years are those who are not as supportive and are actually quite discouraging to their peers who are looking to make those life changes. Some comments may suggest that these self-promises are never upheld and can be made at any time of the year. My comment suggests that the naysayers politely step aside and let those who care to make the world a better place for all of us do that when and where we see fit. I am in love with the new year, new me revamp and I highly encourage it. After all, who opposes growth?

When the new year approaches, we all gain what naturally feels like a breath of fresh air. We are suddenly ready to tackle the areas of concern in our lives and households for the sake of our happiness. Doing so shows initiative, it shows effort, and it shows that you care about change, especially in a world where so much change is needed. In fact, I strongly recommend setting a goal each month and keeping track of your progress. This will ensure that you have something productive to focus on monthly. And then, before you know it, all of your resolutions are completed and you are now ready to take on greater challenges.

How do you feel about new year resolutions?

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