5 Productive Ways To Spend Your Day Off


Have you ever spent so much time working that when you finally receive a day or two off, you have no idea what to do or where to start? I’m sure to some, this may sound absurd. However, for me it’s a little more complicated and all too familiar.

If you’re anything like me, even on your day off, you still want something productive to get into. So, to help you out, I’ve come up with a list of ideas for great ways to spend your day when you’re away from the office.

1. Go visit family.

I would have to say that visiting family on your day off is more refreshing and cleansing than it is productive. If I got a dollar for every time my Grandma would mention how much she saw me before I started working so much, I would be rich. Although I don’t get to visit her as much as I used to, she knows that I’m dedicating my time to the greater good of myself and my family because that is how I was raised. So, going to visit her and catching up is always a pleasure!

2. Clean your house.

Completing household chores is probably the most popular and productive way to spend your day off. There’s nothing like being able to dedicate a full day to getting things done around the house. Cleaning carpets, mopping floors, switching up your home decor, and doing laundry are just a few suggestions to get you going. Before you know it, your entire house will be spotless and your day off will be one well spent!

3. Run errands.

When you work one job during the week and another on the weekends like me, running errands almost seems impossible. So, every now and then I would take a day or two off to get a few things taken care of. This could be anything from a doctor’s appointment to grocery shopping. And I know this sounds a little weird, but I am actually more productive running errands during the week than I am trying to get them done on the weekends. Perhaps because everyone else is at work, so that makes for a lot less traffic, people, and distractions?

4. Create.

Another productive way to spend your day off would be to create. Maybe you’ve wanted to start a blog, but couldn’t find the time to sit and brainstorm ideas. Your day off would be the perfect day to do so. Or another idea would be to challenge yourself at a DIY project. Do It Yourself projects are always a lot of fun and Pinterest would be the perfect place to start!

5. A day of pampering.

Although it’s more of a self-treat than it is productive, a full day of pampering is a great way to spend your day off. You should never feel bad for doing something for someone that is so well-deserving of it – even if it’s you. Start now by booking yourself an appointment at your favorite spa, nail shop, or hair salon!

What’s on your list of productive things to do on your day off?

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