The Harsh Reality of Building A Brand Online


In today’s society, it seems that almost everyone is out to establish themselves as a brand or a brand creator. Men and women all over the world are in search of what could be their big break into the music, beauty, fashion, home improvement, and culinary industries. And the answer could be right in the palm of their hands.

Over the years, social media has made it easier to gain access into the marketing world and provides a front row view of what it takes to build, run, and grow a company. As a result, it has turned several of your everyday individuals into CEOs, COOs, and CFOs of major companies across the world. However, while the thought of becoming your own boss overnight seems like a dream come true, there is a harsh reality that lies within trying to build a brand online that is not often revealed because people are too embarrassed or afraid to admit it. So, I’ve decided to go for it and reveal a few of the challenges that I face while trying to build a brand.

The Harsh Reality of Building A Brand Online

1. You’re just not popular enough.

As blunt as this may come across, sometimes you’re just not popular enough. It is a harsh reality to accept that you may have to work just a little harder to push your brand and to build an audience than the guy or girl who already has a large following based on personal popularity.

Over the years, I have learned to look at this as an opportunity to learn and develop different marketing strategies to draw in like-minded people, who feel that they could truly benefit from what I’m trying to sell, per say, and not just liking or sharing my content because we know one another.

Which brings me to my next point…


2. The people you know personally may not be your target market.

One of the harder realities to accept or understand when you’re trying to build a brand online is that your close friends, family members, or peers may not be your target market. If you have ever spent a great portion of your day online sharing and promoting your business or brand, but do not have the views and statistics to show for it, you may have this issue.

For example, when I was doing urban entertainment blogging, I did not have to go through the trouble of developing an audience or community because they were already there. My target market were those who loved urban music, celebrities, and the city, which were my everyday peers. So, things were great because all I had to do was click the share button and allow the benefits of social media to do the rest.

But now that I’ve changed gears, I find myself having to work a lot harder because those same peers who still take a great interest in urban entertainment are no longer the appropriate audience for a website promoting lifestyle, home decor, and recipes. It’s not an easy transition to make and it does get incredibly challenging at times, but this is a small price to pay for doing something that you absolutely love to do. Plus, there are great tools and resources available across the web on how to find the right audience for your content.

3. You speak more on what people can do for you versus what you can do for them.

Sometimes, we are so consumed with what our audience can do for us through social media:

“Like our official Facebook page!”
“Follow us on Instagram!”
“Subscribe to my YouTube channel!”
“Did you like what you read? Share with your friends!”
“Shop my online store!”

So much so, that we have failed to realize that we’re asking more from our consumers than we are offering, which is not a good thing. People love benefits. They want to know what they are getting in exchange for devoting so much time and effort into your brand. If they were to ask, would you have an answer?

What are some of the harsh realities you face while trying to build a brand online?

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