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Apartment Living: Tips For Decorating A Small Living Room

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It’s no surprise that home decorating has become one of my favorite things to do since moving into my apartment. The process of choosing a color scheme, selecting furniture, and buying accent pieces has been a blast to say the least and when it all comes together, the feeling is incredibly satisfying. However, this does not mean that decorating my apartment did not come with challenges. 🙁

While shopping around for furniture, I did keep in mind that I did not have a lot of space to work with, so it would be in my best interest to stick with the smaller pieces, which ensures that I’m not overcrowding a small space with bulky furniture.

Pleased with how my living room area has turned out, I thought it would be a cool idea to not only provide a few tips for decorating a small living room, but create a new tag called Apartment Living, which focuses on how to make the most of living in smaller spaces and maintaining a certain level of comfort.

Tips For Decorating A Small Living Room

✔  Start with the basic living room furniture.

What made it easier for me to decorate my living room was starting with the basic furniture essentials (sofa, coffee table, and TV stand). Although I would’ve loved having two end tables and additional shelving, the space just wouldn’t allow it and that’s perfectly okay. The TV stand I purchased has 6 shelves that holds my picture frames and home accents just fine!

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✔  Consider a two-seater sofa.

Shopping for the perfect sofa may be the most challenging because you will need to be very size specific. One of the biggest things that worried me about choosing a sofa was whether or not I would have enough seating for my guests. Realistically, my apartment would only fit a two-seater sofa, so I was forced to come up with other seating arrangements for entertainment. I would suggest looking into purchasing an ottoman or accent chair if you have the space for it.

Additionally, a lot of small apartments are designed so that the dining area is visible from the living room area, so your dining table can also serve as additional seating for your guests or at least it does in my apartment!

✔  Hang curtains high above window.

Using this technique will make your ceilings appear higher!

✔ Say yes to light colors.

An age-old tip that I would offer when it comes to decorating a smaller living room, if you want it to appear larger, is to stick with light colors. It has been said that darker colors tend to absorb light, which makes the room look smaller. I typically go for light colors anyway, so I’ve never really had that issue. However, I have seen rooms transformed from light to dark and it does make the room look a little more compact.

✔ Say no to clutter.

There is nothing that takes away from the size and look of a room more than clutter!

Growing up, my Grandma always used the slogan, “just because there’s a corner doesn’t mean there needs to be something in it.” (😂)  Online offers several DIY projects dedicated to organizing things that you may not be sure what to do with if you don’t want to get rid of it.

✔  Plenty of lighting.

A room with plenty of lighting is not only great for the perfect selfie, but it also makes the room appear more open and airy. My apartment did not come with the best lighting and shopping around for a lamp that was of my taste, but still provided the lighting I needed has not been easy. I’m still on the hunt for this perfect lamp, so if you know of any places I may want to try, please let me know in the comments section down below!

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  1. Excellent makeover…! Awesome decoration and tips here. Your home looks great. I love your tips and ideas. You are so creative. I am impressed to see your decor. I wanna do this job. Thanks for sharing your post.


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