Morning Habits To Develop For A Productive Day


In my house, every morning is met with the intent to have a productive day. Between working full-time during week, part-time on the weekends, and still setting aside time to blog, it’s no surprise that things had become a tad bit hectic.

It suddenly started to feel like there wasn’t enough time in the day for me to get anything accomplished. However, I knew that if I wanted my days to feel more productive and fruitful, it would require me to make a few changes to the top of my morning.

Since then, I’ve developed a solid morning routine that not only helps to increase my productivity throughout the day, but it keeps me on a straight and narrow path with a clear mind and positive attitude. You would be surprised at how the smallest changes to your morning could impact your day!

Morning Habits To Develop For A Productive Day


Practicing peace before you roll out of bed in the morning provides you with a sense of direction for the day. Whether you are laying in complete silence, giving yourself a positive pep-talk, or thinking of what you’re looking to accomplish on that particular day, these are all great mental practices to ensure that your day starts off on the right foot. Yoga is also a great physicial and mental exercise.

Make Your Bed

One of the first things you’ll accomplish in the morning is making your bed. Although this sounds like a very simple task, it’s something that a lot of people neglect to do (including myself at times) and can have a negative affect on your attidude before you step foot out the door. I don’t know about you, but when my house is a mess and things are not organized, neither am I.

Take A Hot Shower

Obviously, showering goes without saying, but there’s something about the way a morning shower makes me feel. It raises my energy level and puts me in a good mood.

Eat A Good Breakfast

For breakfast, I usually eat a bowl of cereal with almond milk and fruit OR I’ll indulge in an omlette with tomato, broccoli, and spinach and a bagel. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if you can help it, please do not skip it. In the past, I have made the mistake of allowing myself to run out of time before I’ve had a chance to eat breakfast. Let’s just say, it was not good at all.

Listen To Music

Listening to music in the morning as I’m getting ready for work is just as essential as listening to it as I’m cleaning. The music selection is chosen depending on my mood. However, Pandora is usually my go-to app.

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