5 Social Media Etiquette Tips Everyone Should Follow


Generally, there are no rules when it comes to social media. People say what they want, do what they want, and share what they want. However, it doesn’t mean that living a carefree life online does not come with a price.

When it comes to juggling life both on and offline, one thing remains the same, people want to be treated with respect. This means saying “thank you,” showing appreciation, practicing humanity, and respecting the beauty of privacy.

I’ve put together a list of social media etiquette tips to ensure a smooth, safe, and positive digital life for us all!

Respond With “Thank You” When You’re Being Complimented

Although this list is in no particular order, I couldn’t help but start with one of my biggest social media pet peeves. Whether you’re being complimented on your hair, makeup, outfit, or something that you’ve done, responding to someone by saying “thank you” goes a long way and shows a sense of social kindness.

When it comes to celebrities, I totally understand not being able to respond to hundreds or thousands of comments. However, I don’t know any celebrities and have still experienced such behavior from peers who are not receiving celebrity-level compliments or comments.

Show Enthusiasm When Your Business Is Being Supported

In a society where it almost feels like everyone has a business to promote, it is imperative that you show appreciation to those who share or support your business via social media with nothing to gain.

Sometimes I think it’s forgotten that no one is obligated to support anything that we do, so even if we get a handful of people, whether we know them or not, who share our content, showing your appreciation for that is extremely necessary.

The dry “thank you” or not saying anything at all can come across as cocky and no one is going to support that!

Do Not Post Humiliating Photos of Someone Else For Your Personal Entertainment

One would think this should go without saying, but unfortunately, we live in a day and age where moral principles are things that people have to be reminded of. It’s very simple, don’t post embarrassing or humiliating photos of someone for your personal entertainment, especially photos that you would not appreciate being posted of you. Let’s practice humanity.

Do Not Add Co-Workers On Social Media

So, I wouldn’t necessarily consider this an etiquette tip, but more of a workplace-related suggestion to avoid adding co-workers on social media.

For the most part, this is something that I’ve been able to avoid doing for several years. The very few co-workers that I have added as social media friends are people that I genuinely like and talk to. In the past, I’ve received requests from people that I work with, but do not have a relationship with on any level, which is a HUGE no for me (denied and blocked).

What I will consider an etiquette tip though is if you are going to add co-workers on social media, please be mindful and respectful when it comes to what you share and put out there that may be considered offensive. You should never want your personal life and what you share to cause issues for you in the workplace.

Keep Your Personal Life Private

With social media being such a public platform and oversharing at an all-time high, my belief stands that we owe it to ourselves to still maintain a certain level of privacy in our lives.

If we give it all to our social media friends, some of which we don’t even know, what do we have left for ourselves?

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