Pinterest Launches New Skin Tone Beauty Search Feature


As if I needed another reason to love Pinterest!

The online pinboard platform recently released a brand new search feature that now allows users to search for makeup and beauty related pins based on their skin tone!

According to a Pinterest study, 70% of people use (or have used) the platform to search for beauty looks and tutorials. In the past (at least for me), browsing makeup pins relative to my darker complexion required me to be very word specific, but now it’s just as simple as the click of a button.

To access the tool, you simply need to log onto the site, then type “beauty” into the search bar. At the top-left corner, you’ll then be able to select one of four shade range wheels that include light, medium, tan, and dark. From there, you’ll see a refreshed version of search results that are a closer fit for your skin tone.


According to an article on Pinterest’s engineering blog, the tool employs technology from ModiFace, a company specializing in augmented reality and machine learning, to detect digitally built paint chips that each represent skin tone. Those chips then correspond to existing pins so they appear in search quicker. To respect users’ privacy, Pinterest does not store your shade searches, so you’ll need to input them each time.

“We think of Pinterest as a visual discovery engine, because Pinners come to find ideas they want to try in their lives,” Pinterest’s head of Discovery Product, Omar Seyal, tells Teen Vogue, “In fact, many people describe using Pinterest as ‘me time,’ when they’re focused on themselves and the things they want to do. We want to make discovery as inclusive as possible so that anyone in the world can find personally relevant ideas.”

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