16 Self-Care Tips For A Mental & Physical Break


If I had to describe this year in one word it would be exhausting. Since making the decision late last year to start creating new content on Suite 3869, getting an internship with Live Civil, taking on more responsibility at my full-time job, and still sticking it out with my part-time job, I started to feel a bit of anxiety and pressure to excel in all that I had going on. However, what I failed to realize was in order to exceed any of the expectations I had for myself, I needed to be sure I was taking care of my mental and physical health and I wasn’t doing that.

I would spend all day at work training both new and senior employees on top of trying to maintain my performance productivity, which was not easy considering that our daily workload had more than tripled. I dealt with both mental and physical exhaustion, which left me with no energy to come home and blog. I couldn’t gather one single thought and to say I was frustrated was an understatement!

Although I’m still dealing with a little bit of burnout, I now have a clear understanding of how important it is to take care of your mind and body even if it means taking a break from work. Below are a few self-care tips you should follow if you’re looking for a mental break.

16 Self-Care Tips For A Mental & Physical Break

1. Take a couple of days off from work.
2. Create a simple exercise routine.
3. Develop a daily morning and evening schedule, including weekends.
4. Declare one day a week as a “self-care day.”
5. Take a week from social media.
6. Learn to say “no.”
7. Treat yourself to something nice for all of your hard work.
8. Create a “feel good” playlist.
9. Listen to a motivational speech.
10. Practice positive affirmations.
11. Maintain a clean and clutter-free living space.
12. Get plenty of sleep, even if it means taking a day off to REST.
13. Keep a journal.
14. Go for a walk.
15. Be selfish with your time and don’t feel guilty about it.
16. Switch up your diet.

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