4 Wines To Bring To Your Family’s Next Holiday Gathering


I can’t believe it’s November, which means it’s officially holiday season! Between all of the upcoming holiday gatherings and Christmas shopping, the next couple of months will be a very busy time for us all.

One of the things that I enjoy most about this time of year is getting together with my family over food, drinks, and plenty of laughs. However, I don’t like to show up empty-handed and if you’re anything like me, you’re more than likely to show up with a bottle of wine. To lighten the load of your to-do list this season, I’ve put together a list of wines to bring to your family’s next holiday gathering, all of which were handpicked by me. I promise, your family will love you for it. After all, what’s a celebration without wine? If you’re going to drink at all, remember to drink responsibly.


White Merlot by Gallo Family

What’s funny is that last week was my first time tasting the White Merlot by Gallo Family. I’m usually not the biggest fan of Merlot, but to my surprise, this particular brand and flavor was pretty good —not too bitter, not too sweet. It is described as the flavor of Merlot grape, ripe plum, blueberry and hints of cranberry, in a lighter-bodied, brighter style.


Sparkling Rosé by Cupcake

As pretty and pink as it is, Rosé is sometimes a hit or miss for me. Most of the brands that I’ve tried tend to taste a little too bitter for my liking, with the exception of the Sparking Rosé by Cupcake. I would even suggest visiting the wine cocktail section of their website for delicious recipes!


Sweet Peach by Gallo Family

I will say that this happens to be a family favorite at the moment. Whenever my family and I get together, it’s almost a guarantee that someone is going to pick up a bottle of the Sweet Peach by Gallo Family. As you can probably tell by the name, it’s a fruit flavored wine, perfect for those who are sweet wine drinkers.

While the previous wines mentioned can be found in several different stores, it is important to note that I’ve only seen this particular wine at Food Lion grocery store.


Pinot Grigio by The Naked Grape

Although I can’t recall a Pinot Grigio that I didn’t like, one of the more memorable brands is by The Naked Grape. It’s described as a crisp, refreshing light-bodied white wine with aromas and flavors of pear and Meyer lemon!

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