Gift Guide: 6 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Co-Workers Under $20


Every year at work, my team always participates in a secret Santa gift exchange. It’s our way of bringing holiday cheer into the office. We are a team of thirteen, so while some people may be easier to shop for, the task may require a little more thought for others.

Last week, one of my co-workers asked for some help with deciding on what to give her secret Santa participant. After throwing out a few ideas to her, to which she decided to go with a throw blanket set, I knew I had inspiration for my next blog post. Below is a gift guide for the perfect secret Santa gift exchange with your co-workers!


1. Blue Haze Plush Throw & 18 oz Mug Set (Link) – $16.99 at Stein Mart

A plush throw and mug is always a great idea for this time of year. In fact, it’s the perfect addition to creating the perfect Christmas movie night in. I guarantee your co-worker will love you for it.

2. Hardcover Spiral Notebook$5.99 at Marshalls

With a new year comes new goals and the need for a place to write them down. You can always count on Marshalls to have a variety of the cutest planners and notebooks for a super affordable price. I picked up this bold blossoms spiral notebook for $5.99. It’s a great way for your co-worker to start organizing their 2019 goals. I know it seems like a simple gift, but it’s’ one of things that’s highly underestimated, trust me.

3. Starbucks Giftcard (Link) – $15.00

Another underestimated gift is a Starbucks gift card or any gift card for that matter. If your co-worker is a person who must have his or her coffee at top of the morning, this secret Santa gift is beyond perfect.

4. Gallo Family Sweet Peach Wine$4.99 at Food Lion

After drawing her name and gifting my supervisor with a bottle of wine in 2016 for our secret Santa gift exchange, I would like to think that I’ve started a wine gifting tradition on my team. For the next couple of years that followed, there would be some of my highly recommended favorites gifted amongst co-workers. One of my current favorites is the Sweet Peach flavor by Gallo Family. For a list of others, check out my previous post on 4 Wines To Bring To Your Family’s Next Holiday Gathering.

5. Women’s Cozy Hat & Infinity Scarf Set (Link) – $12.99 at Burlington

How cute is this pom-pom hat and infinity scarf set? You can never go wrong with gifting someone cold weather accessories, especially in areas where the winter weather is very aggressive!

6. 5 Piece Hammered Stainless Steel Bar Set (Link) – $19.99 at Stein Mart

If your co-worker is someone who loves to entertain, this five-piece stainless steel bar set would be perfect for their next gathering. It comes with an ice bucket and tongs, single/ double jigger and shaker with strainer top and cap for just $19.99.

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