How I Went From Being Unmotivated & Uninspired To Interning For Karen Civil


Knowing that she started out as an intern with DJ Funk Master Flex at widely known New York radio station Hot 97 and would later become one of the top digital and social media strategists in the music industry, Karen Civil had become an instant inspiration to me and my blogging journey the moment I learned of her.

Karen’s resume includes serving as a Social Media Director at Beats by Dre, a Social Media Coordinator for Young Money, assisted Hilary Clinton with her presidential campaign, and so much more. She has even helped advance the brands of hip-hop artists such as YG, Jeezy, and Nipsey Hussle. Her current websites include music-driven blog and lifestyle and beauty blog — a website in which I never could’ve predicted I would later be writing for.

As 2018 comes to a close, I thought it was necessary for me to reflect on what an amazing year this has turned out to be. In late 2017, I shared a post on my Facebook page about how unmoved and uninspired I had become. The feeling of not knowing where I stood creatively anymore was beyond frustrating, especially when I still had a passion to create. I just wanted my “spark” back.

I’d made a promise to myself that for the new year I would dedicate more time to reignite my creative flame. So, I decided to take a social media influencers course offered by Karen Civil. I knew that she could offer a ton of advice and gems on how to use social media to your advantage when promoting your business. After taking notes and developing a plan, the opportunity came about to write for her. I knew this was something I’d always wanted to do but never thought the opportunity would actually present itself right in front of me and of course I couldn’t let this pass without at least giving it a shot. It took me about a week to submit my article because I wanted it to be honest, relatable, and damn near perfect. I had to feel good about my submission to which I choose a topic on love and relationships titled 10 Perks of Living The Single Life In Your 20’s. It is my most viewed original content piece on Live Civil thus far.

When I got the offer to come aboard the Live Civil team, it almost felt unreal. Of course, the opportunity is major, but the fact that I have found the energy and inspiration to start blogging and creating content again, makes me feel like I’m doing something right. On top of that, I would be blogging for one of my biggest and most respected inspirations. Like, how crazy is that? I’m a firm believer that if something is meant for you, God and the universe will send you signals. The best advice I can offer is to keep working hard at it and pay attention to the opportunities that may be presented around you. Also, understand that you have to work your way up the ladder. I know sometimes people get so wrapped up in wanting to appear that they’ve already reached the status of “a Karen Civil,” but some of the most successful people that we know across all industries had to start at the bottom.

From this experience, I’m looking to gain more knowledge and grow as a content creator. Even though I’ve been blogging since 2008, there’s still a lot to learn, especially with the advancement of the digital space and the number of creators growing every day. For 2019, I’ve already made plans to set the bar higher for myself. I want to continue to see those stars align. I think it’s safe to say that those days and nights of being uninspired are officially behind me.

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