6 Tips For Clear & Glowing Skin

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It’s no secret that we all want that perfect, clear, and dewy skin. What does seem to be a secret is how to get it. Over the course of my teenage years and maybe even into my early 20’s, I can’t begin to tell you how many skincare products I’d tried that just did not seem to combat the bad acne I was suffering from. I mean, I tried Proactiv, Neutrogena, and several other brands, but they just didn’t work. After finally being introduced to my now holy grail facial cleanser by Desert Essence, I was finally able to stop the breakouts and start the clearing process. As I got older and became more knowledgeable about skincare, I realized that simply relying on facial cleanser for clear skin is not enough. There are other key factors that play a role in getting and maintaining great skin. Below are a few tips!


Exfoliate once or twice a week.

Let me just say that if you are not a person who exfoliates, you are doing your skin a total disservice. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. It will leave your skin feeling super soft and refreshed. I am a person that cannot exfoliate more than once a week due to having sensitive skin. I find that exfoliating more than once a week leaves my skin feeling a bit rough and irritated. Although it has been said that exfoliating two to three times a week is considered normal, my skin personally could not take that much exfoliation. However, everybody’s skin is different, so please do what’s best for you!


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Apply a honey mask at least once a week.

I’ve been using the honey method for many years and I haven’t found anything else that I’d rather use for a face mask. Whenever there’s an opportunity for me to discuss skincare, you will always see me mention or recommend honey for the skin. I’d first heard about applying a honey mask from my mother after she saw it on an episode of Dr. Oz. The results are almost unbelievable. It’s very simple. You will purchase a bottle of pure honey from your local grocery store, exfoliate your skin, leave your face slightly damp to easily apply the honey, massage the honey into your skin, leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse. Within the next day or two, you will notice your skin’s new glow. I kid you not, people have stopped me mid-conversation to tell me that I had a glow about me. Little did they know, it was all because of the honey mask!

Wash your pillowcase and headscarf often.

This is probably the most underrated and overlooked advice I’m going to give you on achieving clear skin. Ladies, it is so important to make sure that you’re keeping your pillowcases and headscarves clean. The dirt and/ or oil from your hair are transferred to your scarf, which then gets transferred to your pillow and can cause breakouts.


Keep your hands and hair away from your face.

As stated above, in my late teens, I suffered from really bad acne. This was partially due to not yet discovering the natural remedies and tips on this list I am providing today, especially when it comes to this one in particular. Keeping your hands and hair away from your face can save you many breakouts. As a teen, I would not only wear hairstyles that caused my hair to touch my face, but I had this thing about always touching my face. I was very shy and introverted in my younger years, so I would keep my hands in my face almost as a defense mechanism or a way to “hide,” so to speak. My mother would always tell me to keep my hands and hair out of my face and now I totally understand why.

“Acne is caused by the confluence three factors: excess oil, excess skin shedding, and p. acnes bacteria,” said board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban in a 2013 article written on Huff Post. “What touching can do is spread existing p. acnes — the culprit behind red inflammatory acne papules, pustules and cysts — on the surface and beneath the surface of the skin. Beneath the skin is where it does the most damage because it can spread to other pores and manifest in yet another pimple.”

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Drink lots of water.

How could I have a skincare related post and not include the most important element? Drinking lots of water is probably one of the most effective ways to achieve and maintain clear and glowing skin. I have never gotten bored with drinking water, but I do understand that there are people who do. I would suggest infusing your water with fruit, so that way you’re getting the best of both worlds. One of my go-to infusions is lemon water, which has a lot of great skin and health benefits.


Drink a daily smoothie packed with fruits and veggies.

Every morning before work, I’ve started incorporating a smoothie into my diet. Of course, fruits and vegetables provide excellent health benefits like strengthening your immune system and promoting weight loss, but it’s hard to ignore what it has also done for my now clear, radiant, and dewy skin. You can consider this healing your skin from the inside out!

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