4 Super Quick & Easy Smoothie Recipes


As part of my goals for the new year to take back control of my diet, I’ve started incorporating a smoothie into my morning routine. In an effort to ensure that my body is receiving the vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants needed to function properly throughout the day, I’ve been using fruit and vegetable smoothies as a way to pack several health benefits into one glass. As a result, I’m less tired, more energized, and my skin is doing amazing. Last week, I provided you with a few tips for clear and glowing skin, including the incorporation of smoothies. So, this week I thought it would only be right to follow up with a list of easy and delicious smoothie recipes for your convenience!

NOTES: For these recipes, frozen fruit is preferred as adding ice may water down your smoothie. I simply divide each recipe into small Ziploc bags, so that all I have to do is grab one when it’s time to blend. In the morning, I allow it to thaw for about 20 mins. just to soften the fruit a little bit to make it easier on the blender. However, that is totally up to you. I’m also not including measurements because I make my smoothies using this single-serving blender from Walmart, so the amount is based on a single cup.


Strawberry Banana Smoothie | 🍌

♡ Strawberries
♡ Banana (peeled)
♡ Dannon Activia® Strawberry Probiotic Yogurt
♡ Almond Milk


Tropical Mixed Fruit Smoothie | 🍍

♡ Pineapple Chunks
♡ Strawberries
♡ Peach Slices
♡ Mango Chunks
♡ Almond Milk OR Orange Juice


Going Green Smoothie | 🥝

♡ Green Grapes
♡ Kiwi (peeled)
♡ Pineapple Chunks
♡ 1/2 Banana (peeled)
♡ Spinach
♡ Almond Milk


Very Berry Smoothie | 🍓

♡ Strawberries
♡ Raspberries
♡ Blackberries
♡ Blueberries
♡ Dannon Activia® Strawberry Probiotic Yogurt
♡ Almond Milk


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