How To Stay Productive When Working From Home During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 (also known as the coronavirus) outbreak, many companies have made the decision to allow their employees to work from home. One week ago, my employer announced a voluntary work from home policy that may soon be upgraded to mandatory as the number of cases in Virginia continue to grow.

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4 Habits of Successful People + 2 Bonus Tips From Morgan Pitts, Founder of ‘Black Girls Who Blog’


First and foremost, Happy New Year guys!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and is now ready to kick off the New Year with a fresh mindset and a new set of goals. After offering up a few tips on things like ‘How To Set & Actually Achieve Your Goals For The New Year’ and 5 Benefits of Creating a Vision Board’, I wanted to continue the conversation of goal-setting and personal development by discussing some great practices for success.

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How I Went From Being Unmotivated & Uninspired To Interning For Karen Civil


Knowing that she started out as an intern with DJ Funk Master Flex at widely known New York radio station Hot 97 and would later become one of the top digital and social media strategists in the music industry, Karen Civil had become an instant inspiration to me and my blogging journey the moment I learned of her.

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The Harsh Reality of Building A Brand Online


In today’s society, it seems that almost everyone is out to establish themselves as a brand or a brand creator. Men and women all over the world are in search of what could be their big break into the music, beauty, fashion, home improvement, and culinary industries. And the answer could be right in the palm of their hands.

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How To Create The Perfect Workstation


Well, today I’m talking about how to create the perfect workstation.

Whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or a student, we all know that a large portion of the day is spent in work mode. So, creating an environment that correlates with your occupation is necessary. And if you’re a girl who loves decor, this is yet another opportunity for you to express your creativity.

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Mikaila Ulmer of ‘BeeSweet Lemonade’


Who says kids can’t be an inspiration to adults?

One of the great things about social media is the access you gain to what’s going on in the world. You’re not just in the know with things happening on a local scale anymore, but rather internationally. Stories, photos, and videos are shared all across the world of some of the most inspiring events and happenings.

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5 Useful Tips For Starting A Blog


Do you want to start a blog, but have no idea where to begin? No worries, that’s perfectly normal!

The thought or idea of starting your own blog can be a bit overwhelming. You will suddenly feel pressured to come up with all of these awesome and extremely creative ideas. While it can be quite the learning experience for someone new to the blogging world, even the most successful bloggers may still struggle with a creativity block from time to time. Yes, blogging takes a lot of time and dedication, but I promise it’s not as difficult as you think as long as you plan accordingly.

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