Slow Cooker Chili Mac Recipe


If you’re looking for the perfect cold weather meal, this Slow Cooker Chili Mac recipe is perfect for you!

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DIY: How To Create A Khloe Kardashian Inspired Cookie Jar

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As difficult as it has been to keep it full, I have fiiiiinally been able to refrain from indulging long enough to create a post on how to create a Khloe Kardashain inspired cookie jar!

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Quick & Easy Recipe For Mini Taco Bowls


While browsing through Pinterest, I stumbled upon a quick and easy recipe for mini taco bowls. I thought the idea was neat and wanted to give it a try. After I was done, I knew I had to share it with you. Let’s just say it turned out to be absolutely delicious.

See the recipe below!

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M&M’S® Easter Brownies Recipe


Happy Easter!

Well, I know Easter isn’t until tomorrow, but I couldn’t help my sweet tooth nor resist my urge to bake. I came across this delicious idea for Easter brownies and thought it would be fun to create. So, it’s no surprise that the inspiration I retrieved came from the hills and valleys of Pinterest, but with my own little spin.

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