6 Simple Ways To Detox Your Life

While people often associate detoxing with clean eating, I look at it as an opportunity to make changes in every aspect of your life. Detoxing can be the process of removing things and people from your life that negatively impact your physical and mental health and allows you to begin with a clean slate. It’s not uncommon for your mind to become clouded or life to slightly lose balance, it’s probably just time for a cleanse or hitting the reset button as I like to call it. Learn six simple ways to detox your life below!

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How To Create The Perfect At-Home Spa Day


I don’t know about you, but by the end of my work week, I am drained both mentally and physically. Friday nights just don’t feel the same when you’re in your 30’s as they once did in your teens or 20’s. Sure, there’s still room to go out and celebrate getting through yet another bustling workweek, but I think we can all agree that there’s a different level of peace and tranquility in a weekend full of pampering. Going to your local spa can be on the pricey side, so I’ve put together a list of ways to create the ultimate wellness retreat directly from the comfort of your own home!

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The Importance of Self-Kindness & How I Struggled With It


Usually, I’m a perfectionist and always looking for the perfect segue into a topic, but today is one of those days where I’m just going to dive right into it. Yesterday, I discovered a new podcast. ‘I’m Here For The Food’ is hosted by Melyssa Ford of ‘Hollywood Unlocked’, along with her co-hosts Blue Telusma and Chantelle Anderson. The podcast is described as a place where the ladies expand on conversations and topics related to “today’s every woman.” They will share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences on womanhood and trending topics in a long-form discussion.

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3 Things You Should Start Doing To Step Up Your Self-Care Game


If you’re familiar with any of my previous blog posts, then you know here at Suite 3869, I am all about self-care. It’s so easy to get caught in our daily routines that we forget to take care of ourselves both mentally and spiritually.

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16 Self-Care Tips For A Mental & Physical Break


If I had to describe this year in one word it would be exhausting. Since making the decision late last year to start creating new content on Suite 3869, getting an internship with Live Civil, taking on more responsibility at my full-time job, and still sticking it out with my part-time job, I started to feel a bit of anxiety and pressure to excel in all that I had going on. However, what I failed to realize was in order to exceed any of the expectations I had for myself, I needed to be sure I was taking care of my mental and physical health and I wasn’t doing that.

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